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Claire with Dexter

Hello Dexter, Here is a picture of Claire at her baby signing lesson in Calne, Wilts. She really enjoys all the music and the singing along.


Hello my name is Chardra and I am 13 months old I attend baby signing classes with Jo in Calne!

Fred with Channel M News!

Our very own TalkFirst baby signer Fred Hardwick joins his tutor Susan Broxton in Rawtenstall as Channel M news film crew find out more how signing helps support communication! To find out more go to:

Fred Hardwick Siging 'Please'

Dear Dexter My name is Fred and I am 18 months old. I have been attending Susan's baby signing class in Rawtenstall since I was 5 months old. Mummy thought that I was never going to sign, but I signed lights off just before Christmas and now mummy cant keep up with all my signs. I was just storing all the signing information until now. I am also using the words with my signs and my family & friends are amazed how clear they are. This is a picture of me signing 'please' because I want to watch Roary the Racing Car!!. Thank you Susan & Dexter for teaching me & mummy to sign and for making the classes such fun. Love Fred XX

Lydia Dobson

Dear Dexter My name is Lydia and I am 1 years and 3 months old. I really like baby signing with Jo and you although I am not very good yet. I like the songs and singing with Jo and you. Happy Christmas Lydia

Emily and Dexter

Dear Dexter, Here's the picture of me with Dexter at Jo's class earlier this year. We really enjoy going along, learning new signs, singing the songs and seeing all our friends - including Dexter! Jo says she's looking forward to seeing me sign very soon (so is Mummy). Love from Emily Rudland

James, Amelia and George

Dear Dexter, James, Amelia and George love signing with you and Helen on a Wednesday morning. Here is their photo with you after today's class. I'm sure that we'll all be using the 'nappy time' signs lots this week!

Dylan Whiteley and Abigail Thompson

This is a picture of Dylan Whiteley and Abigail Thompson and their Grandmas from the Whalley class, with myself and Dexter. Dexter has just presented them with certificates for completing a full year of baby signing. Well done to them both!

Charlotte signing down!

My name is Charlotte and I am 17 months old. I go to Whalley class every week to see Helen and Dexter. I don't like to sign in class because I am shy but I watch what everyone else does and sign to my mummy when I get home, hee....hee.....!. Here I am in my highchair signing 'down'. My favourite signs are Milk, Finished, Home, Pig, Cow, Sheep, Bird, Duck, Hot and Teddy Bear. Lots of love and big hugs for Helen and Dexter, Charlotte

Archie signing with Dexter

This is my gorgeous baby boy Archie with Dexter at baby signing class in calne with Jo. Archie absolutely LOVES seeing dexter each week!!! Well done Archie!

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