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Abi signing for more...

This is my 19 month old daughter Abigail who has been attending Talk First classes with her Nana in Whalley, Lancashire since she was 8 months. She loves seeing Dexter and joining in all the fun and is doing lots of signs now as well as saying words. It has really helped her to communicate with us as we know exactly what she means when she signs to us. This is her at breakfast asking for 'more' Weetabix! Thanks to Helen for being a great teacher! Tracy and Abi

Dexter lives on in Brisbane, Australia

Dexter lives on in Brisbane, Australia! I just thought you might like to see these images of Flo at our Spring Festival on Saturday. After the Parade, we went to the funfair. Amongst all the rides & games, there was an animal petting/feeding area. Flo & Sam were enthralled with the kids & lambs. Sam always picks up on 'Goat' & he says it in a Lancashire accent - following your exploits at TalkFirst. So the two of them were following the goats around making the sign! A Great Big Thank You to Kate, Flo and Sam for sending their picture to head office, keep up the good work signing, lots of love from Dexter!

Jasmine with Dexter!

Hello, here's a photo of Jasmine with Dexter at the baby signing class in Calne with Jo! We've really enjoyed it! Thank you Daniela and Jasmine

Charlie Woods

This is my son Charlie who is 9 months and one of his friends Troy who is 3, Charlies been going to signing with Jo in Devizes for 2 weeks and has just learnt the sign for mummy, So as well as shouting for mummy he now hand signs it to. Troy enjoyed his first visit last week and was doing the animal signs we'd learnt all the way home, Looking forward to next weeks session xx

Nicholas McLeod

Nicholas, who is ten months old, started Talkfirst with Helen in Whalley last session. Nicholas is mesmerized by Dexter and loves all the songs we sing in class! In our last class before the break we learned all the signs for our holidays. Here is Nicholas on his holiday in Vancouver, Canada signing his absolute favourite sign, 'HOLIDAY!'. He also signs sand, stinky, love, and of course milk!

Charity Day Event August 2009!

A huge thank you to all who came to Whalley Village Hall on Sunday the 30th August to support our Charity Day in aid of The National Autistic Society and The Legacy Rainbow House. I am delighted to announce that we raised One Thousand pounds!. This could not have happened without the support of local businesses, families, donations, people who provided their time/service on Sunday to help make this happen. Thank you from Helen Webster (TalkFirst Baby Signing) and Katrina Claydon (Kindermusik)

How many Scouts doing British Sign Language?

Julie Ryder visited Leamington District County to attend the Blackwell Court Campsite for 350 Scouts on their away weekend. Julie provided basic british sign language sessions that included the alphabet at the St Georges Celebration Camp! Well done to all who attended!

Jackson Page Sept 09

Jackson Page from the Monday afternoon class signing all gone, he can also sign nappy and milk. We love the classes and cant wait for them to start again, see you soon Lynsey, Jackson and Harrison

Middleton SureStart Event - what a sucess!

What a fantastic event held by Middleton SureStart and a great big Thank You for kindly asking me to do my baby signing with Dexter! Here is Councillor Burn at our stand who seemed to really enjoy the day too!

Pilsworth NCT Cheeky Monkeys Event and Baby Signing!

What a fabulous event at Pilsworth! A great turn out from families who celebrated the Cheeky Monkey Event hosted by NCT (National Childbirth Trust). Keep up the good work! If you would like to know more about our signing classes please contact us.

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