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Hello Dexter, my name is Eleanor, I'm 10 months old and my signing has come on a treat since I joined Jos class! I was in the garden and Mum took a picture to send to Dad of me saying Hello - hope you like it as much as he will! I also sign for my milk and meals and love play and sleep too! Lots of love Eleanor xx

Zak signs friend

Hello Dexter! Zak is 18 months old and has been practising a sign he learnt at the class this week - friend. He loves to play with his friends at nursery. Karen Woolley (Zaks mum) Bury Class

Bacup Nursery Staff

Wowee Bacup Nursery is the first Lancashire County Council Nursery to receive TalkFirst Training for Childcare Professionals. Besides staff training, TalkFirst tutor Susan Broxton also did sessions with Mums and children. All a great success and a good time had by all!

Mums at Bacup Nursery

Dear Dexter, look how excited we are at getting our certificates for completing the Baby Signing classes at Bacup Nursery. We loved every minute.

Evie signs eat

Hi Dexter I am already on your gallery 2 pages back as a tiny baby signing milk. Can you tell what I am signing now? Yes, thats right I am eating real food now and know just the sign for it!

Twins at signing

Dear Dexter. You look confused! These are my twins Luci (stood up) & Lori (sat down). They have been signing now for about 9 months and they sign all the time. Luci is a teachers pet, and spends the entire class cuddling Jo and Dexter. Thanks to Jo the girls know and use so many signs it makes it that much easier for them to communicate whilst they are still getting to grips with speech, and they have even learnt their Ps and Qs already.

Bubbles at Chippenham

Dear Dexter Here we are at our class in Chippenham enjoying lots of bubbles.

Shaun at signing

Hello Dexter This is Shaun at our signing class in Lynham. He is 15 months old and loves to copy Dexter at home.

Abigail signs pig

Dear Dexter, Here is my 18 month old daughter Abigail signing Pig on a recent trip to a local farm. She can sign lots of other animal signs, including rabbit. Her granddad has 4 of them and she likes helping to give them their dinner. We have not been able to attend classes since last December when I returned to work. But we love to sign together and miss the classes with you & Jayne at Nelson. Love Stacey & Abigail

Biscuit time

I thought you might like to see some pics of Thomas doing some signs for me. Here he is signing biscuit. He is doing a lot more but I havent managed to capture them yet. His faves are cheese and biscuit which we get constantly.

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