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Megan is sorry

Dear Dexter My 16 month old daughter Megan has only been signing for 1.5 terms and she loves it. Here is a photo of a very contrite Megan saying sorry. Thanks for the great lessons Love Alison and Megan

Class at Doals Community Centre

Congraulations to Doals Community Centre. After many years of hardwork and fundraising the Centre is now open in Weir, Rossendale. We are delighted to be using the fantastic facilities. Here are Susan and Dexter doing their stuff!

tree sign

Dear Dexter, This is Reuben signing 'tree' on holiday - it was his first sign. (He's on a train and can see trees out of the window). He now also signs 'up', 'eat', 'dance' and 'don't touch'! He understands loads of signs, and the words that go with them. I think using signs has helped us to use the same words over and again and that repetition has helped his understanding. He really loves the classes - and so does his mummy. We can't wait to get back to them after the holidays.

All Gone

ALL GONE! Erin and I are so looking forward to starting our signing classes again next week. Here is a photo of her signing 'All gone' while we were away on holiday. She has been signing 'yoghurt' too but have not managed to capture that one yet.

Katie Anne signing

This is 11 month old Katie-Anne signing da da in her door bouncer. She gets very excited when she does it and bounces up and down and waves her arms about I think she is very proud of herself and so are we. She has been attending TalkFirst at Bury since she was five months old and its her favourite time of the week. She just loves Dexter when the bag comes out she just bounces up down very excited to see him. Over the last couple of weeks she has just started to sign which I think is very clever as she was born seven weeks premature and has had alot of obstacles to overcome. She can sign up and eat. Her favourite sign which she has just started doing is daddy and she spends all day saying and signing da da. We are very proud of her.

Graduation in Nelson

To mark the end of term, Nelson class tutor Jayne Brierley held a very grand graduation ceremony for all her little signers. Everyone got chance to wear the graduation hat and all the children received a certificate. Many of the children had been attending classes for the past 12 months. Here is Charlie receiving his certificate from Jayne and Dexter.

Rawtenstall Class

Well Hello to everyone here on the early bird class at Rawtenstall. These chirpy young signers attend the 9.30am class on Tuesdays with Susan and Dexter at the Ashday Lea Masonic Lodge in the centre of Rawtenstall. Don't worry though if you and your little one aren't dressed, fully made up, changed, breakfasted and out for 9am as Susan also runs later classes at 10.30am and 11.30am!

Blossoms Nursery Staff

Well done to staff from Blossoms Nursery in Lancashire who completed our Baby Signing for Professionals Course. Staff learnt at least 72 child related signs over 2 evening training sessions. Nursery Owner Jackie Williams said.....The sessions were absolutely brilliant I know all of the staff have really benefitted from them and we are now signing all of the time with the children, We have been amazed at how quickly the children pick up the signs and use them fluently. I would certainly recommend any childcare practitioner to have the training. So thank you so much for enlightening us.

Barclays Trading Places Awards

Here is Julie Ryder (TalkFirst Founder) collecting the award for North West Regional Finalist in the Barclays Trading Places Awards. Thanks to the TalkFirst Tutors for doing such an amazing job with the children, families and childcare professionals. 5TH AUG STOP PRESS......TALKFIRST ANNOUNCED NORTH WEST WINNERS!


This is Emily who is 13 months old and loves the signing sessions with Jo in Devizes. She can do several signs the most important ones being milk, more and bed/sleep! She absolutely loved learning Twinkle Twinkle little star and her brother Edward now plays it to her on his keyboard while she signs the twinkling stars. It is wonderful to be able to talk to her rather than guessing what she wants. A big thank-you to Jo.

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