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This is Charlie now 23 months. He has been signing since 10 months and enjoys it so much. He is a very calm and placid child and I have always said that signing has helped this as we understand each other. It has been great fun learning together and he is already trying to teach his baby brother Oscar. This is my favourite picture of him signing as he has a bag on his back so always makes me think he is saying - feed me or I'm leaving.


Benny says - Keep your voice down Dexter I know I am good at signing but I am a little bit shy about it. Benny's Mum says - Many thanks for all your support it has been of great value to us as a family.

Morgan Ruby with Dexter

Here is Morgan Ruby 11 months old and loving the TalkFirst session with Jo at Calne. She loves Dexter and all the instruments and looks forward to the class every week!! We sign everyday at home. The sign for NO MORE comes in very handy at this age!!

Evie signs milk

Evie is 3 months now (13 weeks) but has been signing milk since she was about 10 weeks. She often signs before she starts crying for a feed, usually opening and closing her hands then chewing her fist as if to say, milk, in my mouth please. She will also sign while she is feeding. The great thing is if I catch the sign I can prepare for the feed before she starts crying. I tend to take my lead from her, so if she signs I ask if she wants milk and do the sign and she signs back, as though answering. I am signing more and more with her all the time, she hasnt signed anything else yet but I am concentrating on signs for mum and dad. She loves to watch signing and will gurgle and coo with the conversation copying our intonation and number of syllables etc. I am SO proud of her and think shes a little star. She seems really interested in the other kids at class. It was def. the right decision to take her!

Oliver aged 14 months with dexter

This is Oliver with his pal Dexter. Oliver is now 14 months old and has been signing for a few months. Once he started to sign new signs came every week. He loves being able to tell me he has just seen a bird motorbike or his favourite a tractor! And it is wonderful to have proper little conversations with him before he has got the words. I am very impressed with Talkfirst and so glad we chose to do baby signing. Debbie (Mummy)

Oliver aged 12 months signing book

THIS OLIVER WANTS A STORY .....This is Oliver, 12 months, signing book. He has been signing one or two things for a couple of months now, but these last few weeks, he is signing more and more and I'm finding that he is copying me the more signs I do. He is so very pleased with himself when I know what he is signing to me. Amanda (Mum)

Flo is pleased with herself

FLO IS SO PLEASED WITH HERSELF.....Flo has been signing Daddy & saying Da Ds all week - her first sign ! We've all been really excited - as has she, clapping her hands rather a lot. ( Flo is 11 mths old) I am finding that although she is only just starting to sign we are able to communicate very well with Flo and I am sure it is due to the signing. It makes you use the same word for an item/ rather than different words each time. It intensifies the communication. She can show/tell me what she wants far easier than her older brother did ( who didn't learn baby signing then, but loves it now)

Hannah aged 14 months

Hannah has been signing for quite a few months now. She knows lots and lots of signs and can now put signs together e.g. milk, hot. Clever girl Hannah! Hannah likes her food - here she is signing her favourite sign......MORE.

Stelios Awards for TalkFirst

Wowee - here is Julie Ryder, TalkFirst Founder with Stelios collecting her certiifcate for Runner up, Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year. Julie says 'We are thrilled with the result. To have your business scrutinised by the judges which included both Stelios of easyGroup and Peter Jones from Dragons Den and then to come 2nd is a fantastic achievment. We are very proud. Although I can't take all the credit and must thank our President, Dexter!'

Children in Need

Helen Webster our Ribble Valley tutor hosted a Coffee Morning between classes at Whalley Village Hall ro raise money for Children in Need. A whopping GBP 119.05 was raised from the sale of cakes, drinks, signing games and TalkFirst window wobblers.

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