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Whalley Children in Need Fund Raiser

Many thanks to all who took part. Looks like you were having fun!

Harry signs

Hello everyone i am growing up and am 18 months now. I love going to Susan's class on a Tue at R/stall. I can sign more signs now when i feel like it, I dont like performing. My mummy has taught me to sign water (W in british sign) here i am in the sink signing water and playing in it! I love Dexter so so much and cannot wait to start the new term. Love Harry and Nicola my mummy xxx Thank You Susan for all the fun xxx

Toddle In

Toddle In Private Day Nursery in Colne have completed TalkFirst's certificated 'Baby Signing for Childcare Professionals' course. Over 72 child related signs were taught. Favourite signs so far are biscuit and ball! They even have their own personal sign for 'Toddle In'. Well done to all who took part.

Where's Ciara

Hi Dexter My name is Ciara and I am nearly 11 months old. My Mummy has been teaching me signing for a few months now and I can do a few signs, which Mummy finds very exciting! Here I am signing Where has it gone and my Mummy is so proud of me. Love from Ciara Osborough Aged 10 months and 3 weeks

Nelson class in action

Nelson classes in action. Jayne, Dexter and Mums are enyoying themselves 'flying' babies around in time to the music. 'Can't go OVER it, can't go UNDER it, can't go ROUND it. We'll have to go THROUGH it....'

Happy Birthday Dexter

BIG Dexter would like to thank all the Mums, Dads, Grannies and Babies for coming to his party. He had a lovely time and hope you did too. He was very pleased to see so many of his signing friends.


Dear Dexter My name is Josephine. I really like going to signing I am only 7mths but am already on my second term of baby signing. I can not sign yet but I like the games, singing and dancing that we do each week. It is also nice for mummy to meet other mums and dads. I know that mummy thinks the classes are great and even though I am not signing yet we are both still getting a lot out of the classes already.


Dear Dexter, I am enjoying sign language and my best sign at the moment is cold. My mummy holds me and we shake together. Its great fun and it makes me laugh. I have been at sign classes for one term and I love it. I smile all the time and my best part of the lesson is playing the musical instruments. I cannot wait to start the next term. My mummy signs all the time but i have not tried yet, im going to give it a go soon. Thank You Dexter for helping Susan make the lesson great fun!


I love sign classes and when the music plays I smile and look round. My best sign is milk. I cannot sign yet as I'm only a little girl but my mummy Claire signs lots so i will try soon. Thank You Dexter.

Lily is inspiration for new TalkFirst Mums

LILY IS AN INSPIRATION TO NEW TALKFIRST BABIES. Lily's Mum, Jo wrote to us saying: 'I wanted to let you know that I think the classes you run are great and you are a very friendly, approachable teacher (that's Susan). I'm really pleased with the way Lily's language has developed and I'm sure that some of it is down to coming to Talkfirst. I know some of the babies in the classes are quite young and it must be a bit disheartening for the mums as it seems they'll never be able to sign back. But Lily is walking, talking, signing proof that a bit of perseverence does pay off!

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