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This is Toby aged 6 months. His mum Claire says "He manipulates his hands a lot now and it appears he's signing "wet" complete with wet dribble running down his chin!" Keep it it up Toby!

Rohan signing eat

Here is Rohan, aged 18 months signing eat. Well done Rohan for winning first prize in our Rossendale Free Press competition (May 06). Keep on signing, you're looking good baby!

Lumb Baptist Play Group

Me at Lumb Baptist Play Group having a fun time!

Ted Robins on BBC Radio

This is me out and about with Ted Robins on BBC Radio Lancashire

Hattie igning eat, full, and more

Here is Hattie again, signing 'eat', 'full', and 'more'.

Hattie signs bird

Hattie Nuttall signs bird. She can't stop signing, especially when she is wearing her Dexter T Shirt. She has 'signed' her way to a FREE Music CD. Carry on signing Hattie - go girl!

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