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This part of the website has been developed as a valuable resource for all Early Years Practitioners who are interested in using signing in their setting to enhance speech, language and communication outcomes. If you are a nanny, child minder, nursery nurse, Children’s Centre Manager or anyone else who is involved in the care of babies and young children then read on.

How Can We Help

Staff Learning and Development 

TalkFirst is a UK registered learning provider (UKRLP no 10027331) and offers TalkFirst Professional Training for early years professionals. We deliver innovative and lively certificated courses to help your staff incorporate signing as part of the daily communication within your setting.

 Weekly classes in settings 

Delivered by our local tutors. All tutors are trained to deliver classes in settings in addition to classes for parents/carers. Tutors are flexible regarding delivery and can offer weekly / bi-weekly classes in 6 week blocks, for groups of up to 15 children – please contact your local tutor to discuss what works best in your setting.

Classes feature:

  • 30 minute stimulating classes for babies and young children up to 30 months
  • Each class is different over the course of an academic year
  • 8 new signs introduced each week
  • A different theme each week – eg: bath time, zoo animals, transport, meal times
  • Classes include instruments, songs, rhymes, puppets, props and activities
  • Classes are inclusive for children with additional needs, or English as an additional language, and use a multi-sensory approach

Improved Outcomes for children

TalkFirst Professional Training and weekly classes contribute to the following areas of good practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) within settings:

EYFS Principles

A unique child

Positive Relationships

Enabling Environments

Learning & development

EYFS Prime areas

Communication & Language

Personal, social & emotional development

EYFS Specific areas


Understanding the world

Characteristics of Effective Teaching & Learning

Playing & Exploring

Seeking challenge

Active Learning


Learning & development

Offer an inclusive service

Personal & emotional development

Speech, Language and Communication Framework
TalkFirst contributes to the Universal stage of the framework, which has been developed by The Communication Trust. For some competences knowledge is specifically aimed around signing.

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I CAN Early Talk accreditation
Implementation of skills and knowledge gained through TalkFirst Professional Training, together with completion of the Course Action Plan provides ‘portfolio evidence’ towards I CAN accreditation at both Supportive and Enhanced Levels.

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TalkFirst is part of a larger training organisation called HearFirst.
HearFirst is passionate about delivering quality sign language, deaf and disability awareness training throughout the UK. If you require deaf and disability awareness training then find out more at:


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